Have you ever dreamed of making an important archaeological discovery? Well, that is exactly what a shepherd did as recently as the mid-1990s. At Saint Elias, near the village of Chalkias, he found a small stone tomb. It turned out to be one of three tholos (domed) tombs dating from the Mycenaean period (1680 -1060 BC) suggesting that the area was a Mycenaean heartland.
     Although the tombs had been plundered, clay vessels, arrowheads, figurines, seals and beads made from semi-precious stones, glass and deer horns were found. These are now on display in the Archaeological Museum at Messene.

Tholos IImagine being interred in Tholos I
Tholos tomb... or one of the other tombs
Burial chamberPose for a photo inside a burial chamber
Chalkias tholos
One of three tholos tombs Chalkias

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