MOUNT LYKAIONChurch of Saint Elias
There is little to indicate that the southern summit of Mount Lykaion (reached via a dirt track) was a sacred place, except for the bases of two columns that once supported two golden eagles said by the Roman traveller Pausanias to have stood in front of an Altar to Zeus. This mound of ash is rumoured to contain the remains of human sacrifices, although only animal bones have been found.      The temenos, a sacred area described by Pausanias, is not so easy to see but it lay between the ash altar and the Church of Saint Elias, a prophet seen as the Orthodox successor to Zeus, whose churches are built on mountaintops.

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Ash altar to ZeusClimb to the top of the ash altar to Zeus
Sacred areaFigure out the boundaries of the sacred area
Altar to Zeus
Mount Lykaion View towards Megalopolis

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