The source of many a story, Mount Lykaion ('wolf ') is in a remote location to the west of Megalopolis. On its southern peak is the Sanctuary of Zeus which, in ancient literature, was described as the Arcadian birthplace of the Zeus, God of gods (in Cretea) as well as the site of the Lykaion Games
     Contemporaneous with the Olympics, the Lykaion Games took place in the lower sanctuary on meadow slopes once covered in forests inhabited by wolves. 200 metres higher at the top of the peak (1,382 metre above sea level) is the upper sanctuary where mysterious rituals took place at an Altar to Zeus.

Mount Lykaion
"On the highest point of the mountain is a mound of earth, forming an altar of Zeus Lykaios, and from it most of the Peloponnesos can be seen. Before the altar on the east stand two pillars, on which there were of old gilded eagles. On this altar they sacrifice in secret to Lykaion Zeus. I was reluctant to pry into the details of the sacrifice; let them be as they are and were from the beginning."
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Southern summit Mount Lykaion

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