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SANCTUARY OF DESPOINA (temporarily closed)
The local cult at Lykosura was of the goddess Despoina, meaning "Mistress". In her temple was an over-lifesize sculpture of her and her mother Demeter seated on thrones, flanked by Artemis and the Titan Anytos. Fragments of these statues are now in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, although other finds are displayed in the small museum by the sanctuary.
     As well as the temple, the site consists of a stoa, a theatre, an enigmatic structure called the Megaron, a sacred area ('temenos') and three altars implying that Demeter and the Great Mother were venerated alongside Despoina.

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Sanctuary of Despoina
Sanctuary of Despoina Lykosura
"From Akakesion [in Arkadia] it is four stades to the sanctuary of Despoine... [The statue of] Demeter carries a torch in her right hand; her other hand she has laid upon Despoine...
     This Despoine the Arkadians worship more than any other god, declaring that she is a daughter of Poseidon and Demeter."

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