Linked to Ancient Phigaleia through the antics of its founder Lepreos (who died in the city in a duel with Heracles), the ancient city of Lepreo was a strategically important place. In antiquity it was surrounded by an 800 metre perimeter wall built from porous and limestone blocks. About 4.5 metres high, the wall incorporated look out towers and a secret gate.
     Inside the sanctuary, along with other buildings, is a peripteral Doric (6 x 11 columns) Temple of Demeter, the regional goddess of the elusive "nightmare cave". Here, as in her cave, she received offerings on a purpose-built altar.

Sanctuary entranceApproach the sanctuary entrance
CisternInspect the cistern
AltarMake an offering on the altar
FortificationsView the fortifications
Secret gateSearch for the secret gate
Shepherds' hutAdmire the ingenuity of shepherds
Temple of Demeter
Temple of Demeter Lepreo
"The Lepreans told me that in their city once was a temple of Zeus Leucaeus (Of the White Poplar), the grave of Lycurgus, son of Aleus, and the grave of Caucon, over which was the figure of a man holding a lyre. But as far as I could see they had no tomb of distinction, and no sanctuary of any deity save one of Demeter."
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