Hidden under a protective tent at an altitude of 1131 metres is the Temple of Apollo. This was designed by Iktinos, the architect responsible for the Parthenon, and completed in 420 BC. Unusually, it has a north-south orientation and glorifies all three (Doric, Ionic and Corinthian) Greek architectural styles.
     Said to be dedicated to Apollo "Epikurios" ('helper') after he saved the Ancient Phigaleians from an epidemic during the Peloponnese war (431 - 404 BC), it is just as likely that the god was named "Epikurios" because he provided them with a strategy for their fight against the Lacedaemonians in 659 BC.

Protective tentSpot the tent in the distance
Corinthian columnSee the first ever Corinthian column
Temple foundationsInspect the foundations
Doric columnsGaze in awe at the Doric columns
Temple of Apollo
"Of all the temples in the Peloponnese this one could be considered second only to the temple at Tegea for its proportions and the beauty of its stone."
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Temple of Apollo Bassae

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