BATHS AND FOUNTAINSSanctuary of Despoina
Close to the Sanctuary of Despoina at Lykosura, on the other side of the modern road, are the remains of a cistern and sunken bathing pool.
     At first, you might mistake the cistern for a temple but features, like the tiled floor and the lack of a processional entrance, indicate it was a water tank that probably supplied the bathing pool below.
     Now devoid of water, the sunken pool has a grass floor but it is not hard to imagine a traveller to Lykosura being invited to descend down the steps to wash off the dust from an arduous journey.

CisternExplore the cistern
Channels in the stonesLook for channels in the stones
Tiled floorExamine the tiled floor
Bathing poolDescend into the bathing pool
Agno fountain
Lykosura Prehistoric hydraulics

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