In summer temperatures in the Peloponnese idle around 86°F (30°C) but can reach 104°F (40°C). So, it is not surprising that the site of the Lykaion Games at the foot of Mount Lykaion includes an ancient fountain that once provided water to athletes and spectators. This was fed by the Agno spring (named after a nymph) which now flows from a new fountain further up the mountainside.
     Archaeological evidence also suggests that water was channelled from the fountain to other areas of the complex and that the path it took was similar to that of the cascading rusty barrels providing water for sheep today.

Agno fountainWalk around the fountain
Water channelFind where the water arrived
Plumbing... and the plumbing it flowed through
Rusty tinsRemember the rusty tins are modern!
Agno fountain
Mount Lykaion Agno fountain

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