3 hours 170 kilometres
Patras, where you will dock if you take the ferry from Ancona in Italy, is about three hours of mainly coastal driving from The Ark in Ancient Phigaleia. Patras can also be reached by following the northern coast line from Corinth. This alternative route to the west coast is longer than traversing the Peleponnese on the Corinth-to-Kalamata motorway but it is a scenic route and you will avoid crossing the Neda Gorge from the south on the final leg of your journey.

  • From Patras take the E55 road south towards the small city of Pyrgos situated between the cruise port of Katakolo and Olympia.
  • Drive through the centre of Pyrgos (narrow roads and, depending on the time of the day, heavy local traffic) following signs to the more southerly towns of Zacharo and Kyparissia.
  • Continue south through pines bordering the beach and sea to your right, passed Lake Kaiaphas with its hot springs to your left.
  • After approximately 30 kilometres you will reach the seaside town of Zacharo.
  • Drive through Zacharo towards Kyparissia.
  • Continue through Kampos and Kato Taxiarches until you reach Tholo which looks like more of a junction than an village.
  • To your right (immediately before Vasses café), is a sign to a beach-side campsite but you should turn left (before the white domed church) towards 'Lepreon' and 'Nea Figalia'.
  • Incidentally, Vasses Café is a chilled out place to stop for a drink. It is not a taverna but you can get a snack. Note the name Vasses. This is another translation for a famous local temple usually referred to as the Temple of Apollo at Bassae. In modern Greek, b (beta) is pronounced v (veta).

From Tholo

Vasses CaféStop off for a drink at Vasses Café

From Patras
Patras is the capital of the Peloponnese with frequent sea links to the Ionian islands and Italy. It is also connected to central Greece by one of the world's longest bridges over the Gulf of Corinth.
     From Patra the E55 motorway follows the western coastline of the Peloponnese becoming the Greek National Road 9 south of Amaleada.

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