Whichever route you take you will pass through stunning countryside littered with landmarks that have contributed to human civilisation and you should stop off at one or two. For example, from Athens you will cross the bridge linking the Peloponnese to the mainland. Beneath it is a jaw-dropping canal.
     From Patras, you will travel through pines bordering the sea and could stretch your legs on the beach. Alternatively, how about a detour to Olympia. But be warned, this archaeological site is so fascinating that you might need to stay overnight. Luckily, there are lots of hotels to choose from.

The Ark is the only accommodation in Ancient Phigaleia, a magical village centrally located in a region of outstanding natural beauty close to the western coast of the Peloponnese.

     To the north is the archaeological site that gave its name to the Olympics. To the south is the seaside town of Kalamata where Greece's famous black olives come from.

     In between is a 40 kilometre stretch of beach lined by a pine forest.

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