Zacharo's Tuesday morning market is where locals buy their staples and tourists can pick up a souvenir. Unlike most local markets, it does not take place in the central square, so there is little opportunity to sit in a café and people watch. Nonetheless, there is plenty to see as you amble along.
     Running north, parallel with the main road, is a tree-lined street of neat stalls shaded by umbrellas selling seeds, plants, pulses, eggs and seasonal fruit and veg. At right angles to this street are more higgledy-piggledy stalls selling clothing, textiles, household gadgets right outside domestic dwellings.

PulsesIdentify the pulses
Plants...and plants
EggsAdmire the yellow eggs
Beeswax productsTake home a beeswax souvenir
Euro stallBuy something useful for a euro
Doorstep stallsImagine a market on your doorstep
Zacharo market
Vegetable stall Zacharo

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