Kopanaki is well known for its "pazari" ('bazaar'), which has taken place in the central square every Sunday morning since 1900. The colourful stalls laden with fruit, vegetables, lush greens, flowers, nuts, pickles, textiles, clothing and tools are a sight to behold.
     Livestock are no longer openly paraded but if you explore the back streets you may find animals for sale. You will also see roasted "gournopoula" ('roast pig') being sold by the side of the road. This regional tradition started here, initially only on Sundays to ensure visitors from faraway had a hearty meal.

Roast porkEnjoy pork by the kilo - eat in or takeaway
Chair traderDodge persistent traders
Colourful fabricsBe dazzled by colourful fabrics
ChicksMarvel at what is on offer
Euro stallLook out for stalls where everything is a euro
Kopanaki market
Seed stall Kopanaki

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