MARKETSAsprochroma market
Famous for olives and olive oil, Kalamata is a bustling port city that hosts its market on a Wednesday and Saturday across the road from the main bus station. Like all markets, it starts very early and begins closing up around 1pm. But, unlike other local markets, it has undercover meat and fish stalls.
     Beyond the sheer variety of produce, the other striking elements of this market are the prices - cheap, and even cheaper if you are able to buy in bulk - and the atmosphere - lots of hustle and bustle. But if you really want to experience chaos go to the gypsy market at Asprochroma!

Plants and castleSpot the castle above the plants
Kalamata olivesInspect the famous Kalamata olives
Unusual produceLook out for unusual produce
Fish stallsSoak up the atmosphere
AnchoviesBuy some anchovies
Gutting fishWatch some skilful fish gutting
Kalamata market
Meat on sale Kalamata

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