MARKETSKalamata market
In contrast to a farmers' market, the gypsy market is more of a people-packed rummage sale. It takes place on Thursday mornings in a suburb of Kalamata known as "Asprochroma" which means 'white colour'. But there is nothing bland about the gypsy market. It is packed with colourful clothing, carpets and household goods and equally as colourful stall holders and shoppers.      Although the market is a paradise for rummagers, there is little room to stop and inspect the goods. It is also very noisy, but the atmosphere is electric and, if you look hard, you will find some real gems at very good prices!

Bright cushionsAdmire bright cushions,
Dazzling jewellerydazzling jewellery
Colourful shoppersand colourful shoppers
Clothing stallHave a good rummage
Euro stallBuy something useless for a euro
Underwear stallRestock your underwear draw
Asprochroma market
Clothing stall Asprochroma

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