Market day on a Friday in Andritsaina is a modest event, but nonetheless an important tradition bringing locals and their produce to town. You will find all the fresh, seasonal, local ingredients - from teas-to-herbs-to vegetables - that form the core of Greek cooking and there are many places where you can enjoy a traditional lunch or just sit, like the locals, with a drink and some "mezze" ('bits').
     And, because Andritsaina is close to the Temple of Apollo, it has a sprinkling of tourist shops selling authentic souvenirs and a folklore museum. You will also find rooms to let and a hotel.

Main squareEnjoy a drink or al fresco lunch
Vegetable truckWatch the comings and goings
Seasonal fruitBuy seasonal fruit,
olive Oil and wineolive oil, wine
Weighing vegetablesand fresh vegetables
Andritsaina market
Andritsaina Market day

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