For a cuisine that is "mostly about meat", half of what you will find on a taverna menu is vegetarian and, for some reason, the vegetables taste better than almost anywhere else. Maybe it is the absence of pesticides or that mountain rain washes 'tasty' minerals into the valleys where most produce is grown.
     Locals still consume a lot of vegetables although it is mostly older Greeks who eat them. Salads, especially tomatoes, are fundamental to most meals and the 'traditional' Greek salad is popular with vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, although the feta cheese is often served separately.

Bread, tomato and chipsThe basics - bread, tomato and chips!
Balsamic fungiBalsamic fungi
Baked cheeseBaked cheese
Feta cheeseFeta cheese
Tomato saladTomato salad
Cabbage saladCabbage and carrot salad
Bean soupBean soup
Grilled breadGrilled bread
Peas and potatoesPeas and potatoes
Fried potatoesFried potatoes
Fried mushroomsFried mushrooms
Green saladGreen salad with pomegranate seeds
Kalamata Aubergine bake

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