While we all know about Greece's fantastic year-round weather and the hospitality of its people, few say that it has one of Europe's best cuisines. But fresh sea food is unpretentious and delicious, although sometimes expensive.
     You will not find much freshly caught fish in the mountains, but when you visit nearby seaside towns be sure to have a fish supper. On offer will be anchovies, sardines, kalamari, octopus, prawns, lobster and a whole family of bream with names that, even in translation, will be puzzling. But do not fret, most tavernas will let you choose a fish and then cook it for you.

Red mulletGrilled red mullet
MackeralSoused mackeral
Cuttle fishCuttle fish
PrawnsPrawns in tomato
KalamariFried kalamari (squid)
LobsterLocal river lobster
Small fried fishes Kalamata

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