Cafes in Greece are as much places to meet as to drink and it is common to see people just sitting and talking. If they do order a drink, it is likely to be a coffee or a herbal infusion known as "mountain tea", made from the Sideritis plant.
     Unlike ancient Greeks, most people drink wine with their meals or perhaps a refreshing lager. You will be offered Amstel and Heineken, but Greece does produce its own very good alternatives such as Fix which was first sold in 1864.
     Spirits drunk are tsipouro, (made from the must-residue of the wine press); ouzo (aniseed flavoured tsipouro) and metaxa (Greek brandy).

Coffee, water and metaxaWash down a coffee with water and a metaxa
TsipouroCure all ills with a tsipouro
Glass of wineTry local wine
Flaggons of wine... from the market
Mountain teaTry Greek mountain tea
Zacharo A priest and his fix

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