Like many of Greece's holy sites, the Chapel of the Panagista is in such an inaccessible place that you wonder how it was built and why on a narrow ledge 50 metres above where the Neda river disappears into a pitch-dark cave below Anceint Phigaleia? The answer to this question is not easy but often Christian churches are located in the same place the ancients idolised a god or goddess.
     Beyond the chapel, which is built into a recess in the natural rock, is a hermit's cave that was inhabited until the 20th century. Reaching it involves walking next to a vertiginous drop - not for the faint hearted!

Location of the chapelMarvel at the location
Chapel of the PanagistaApproach the chapel with care
Chapel interiorStep inside for a closer look
Bracelet displayAdd a bracelet to the display
Hermit's caveVisit the hermit's cave
Hermit's cave interiorContemplate living alone
Chapel of the Panagista
Chapel of the Panagista Neda waterfalls

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