Slightly removed from the graveyard is the Panagia, the Church of the Virgin Mary. The main church of Ancient Phigaleia to administer the sacraments and conduct funerals is rectangular - portraying the church as an Ark of Salvation (like Noah's Ark) in which the world is saved from a flood of temptations.
     Unless a service is taking place, the church is locked but you can always admire the bell tower that was built by a villager who became California's biggest potato grower. And the church's graveyard and ossuary (where the bones of exhumed villagers are stored after their graves are reused) is always open.

Church and bell towerAdmire the old church and its new bell tower
Church doorAssume the doors are locked
Church service... unless a service is taking place
OssuaryLocate the ossuary
Ossuary interiorPay your respects to the dead
Church of the Panagia
Ancient Phigaleia Church of the Panagia

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