The Church of Saint Nicholas is the only church in the lower village (Kato Rouga) of Ancient Phigaleia. Nestling behind houses, it is built into the contours of the hillside. With its stone walls and red tiled roof, it is typical of local churches and, like most, is locked so you will have to amuse yourself outside.
      The courtyard is home to an olive tree which provides welcome shade on a hot day and there is a fountain where you can get a drink. If you look carefully, you will see words engraved in the stones - perhaps made by builders but, more likely, they are inscriptions 'recycled' from ancient buildings.

Bell towerLook up at the bell tower
Church of Saint NicholasWalk around the church
Church courtyard... and the courtyard
Olive treeSit beneath the olive tree
Inscription in a stoneLook for inscriptions in the stones - this one says 'guard'
Church of Saint Nicholas
Ancient Phigaleia Church of Saint Nicholas
st nicholas

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