When approaching Ancient Phigaleia from Perivolia, you will see the red tiled roof of the Chapel of Saint John amongst the green of an olive grove. It is an archetypical Arcadian scene - an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness - and you might be tempted to take a closer look. If so, park by the roadside shrine marking the dirt track leading to the chapel. This will take you past a section of the defensive walls that once surrounded the ancient city.
     And remember, that often in the Orthodox church less attention is paid to the adornment of a church's exterior than to the beautification of its interior.

Roadside shrinePark by the roadside shrine
Chapel doorImagine what the interior is like
Ancient wallsWalk past the ancient walls
Chapel from the eastView the chapel from the east,
Chapel from the north... the north
Chapel from the west... and the west
Chapel of Saint John
Ancient Phigaleia Chapel of Saint John
st john

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