Hidden amongst dwellings behind Ancient Phigaleia's taverna is the Chapel of Saint George. Inside, the rich colour and distinctive Orthodox iconography is in sharp contrast to the simplicity in many northern European churches. When one enters through the main entrance at the furthermost western end, it is like stepping into a whole new world of colour and light.
     The decor of the nave is unashamedly lavish with lots of gold surrounding the colourful frescos. Generally, these tell bible stories but there are also some very fine portraits of saints.

Roadside shrineApproach the chapel from the east
The altarCheck out the base of the altar
Saint George iconRecall the story of Saint George
Chapel from the eastBurn some incense
Chapel from the northWonder at the frescoes of saints
Chapel from the westLight a candle or two
Chapel of Saint George
Ancient Phigaleia Chapel of Saint George
st george

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