Visible from The Ark is a chapel perched on top of a hill on the eastern edge of Ancient Phigaleia close to a smallholding known as the 'dog kennels'. This is home to hunting dogs with a remarkable sense of smell and a ringing bark. The chapel is dedicated to the archangels, God's army against the forces of evil. It is also known as the Chapel of Saint Michael who was leader of the archangels. Originally, he was seen as a healing angel and then, over time, as a protector.
     Although framed icons adorn the interior walls, there are no frescos so the chapel seems more austere than most Orthodox chapels.

Chapel of the ArchangelsView the sanctuary from outside
Chapel sanctuary inside... and inside
Chapel interiorSit in quiet contemplation
Chapel of the Archangels
Ancient Phigaleia Chapel of the Archangels

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