Most of the year it is mild enough to eat (and cook) al fresco, although the rooms at The Ark do have kitchenettes for preparing salads and snacks.
     There is also the village taverna. This is run by Fontas who will offer you a drink but not a menu. Sometimes you get a choice of what to eat sometimes you simply get what he has - anything from a slab of feta-to a wild boar omelette.
     Alternatively, you can drive to a seaside taverna or stop off at a renowned restaurant like Mezedopenies en route. Seek out Ripesi in Kefalovrisi - a treat for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Eating with your hostsAccept an invite to dinner
Taverna signLocate the village taverna
Barbecuing supperCook your own supper
Seaside tavernaSeek out a seaside taverna
Enjoying village cookingEnjoy Fontas' cooking
Local restaurantPlace your order in Mezedopenies
Food and drink
Ancient Phigaleia The Ark balcony

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