"Resident" cats and a dog dozing in the sun set the pace of The Ark. You are welcome to make friends and feed them but please do not let them indoors as fleas and ticks are unwelcome bedmates.
     Other animals such as hungry sheep are also frequent visitors and an animal-related drama is never very far away. The Ark has sheltered a frightened donkey and, in 2017, six puppies were born in the garden amongst left-over plumbing pipes. Thanks to social media, the puppies have all been re-homed in Holland whilst their mother, named Neda after the river, has gone to Norway!

GroundsConsider a dog's life
SheepExperience sheep close up
CatsSnooze with the cats
Neda and her puppiesKeep a lookout for newcomers
Ancient Phigaleia Vistors to The Ark

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